Variation fibreuse; nuances textiles
From January 21 to April 14, 2024


From January 21 to April 14, 2024

Ryth Kesselring’s research examines the memories, imprints and methods of archiving that are linked to objects, places and communities. Her interdisciplinary practice merges sound recordings and weaving to create interactive works, linking the archival qualities of textile objects and the memories emerging from audible materials – a veritable marriage of traditional techniques and modern technology. Through her interactive artwork and installations, Kesselring invites the viewer to reflect on the challenges facing the environment and the vulnerability of both the natural and digital worlds.

 In Variation fibreuse; nuances textiles, Ryth Kesselring presents works that blend sound, nature and textiles. In some instances, the artist uses electromyography to read the subtle electrical signals emitted by vegetation and the data she gathers becomes a source of inspiration for the woven patterns and textures. She also uses conductive silver threads among natural fibre yarns, to create interactive electrical circuits that produce sound transmitted through interactive textile speakers. Like bearers of history, the artist’s installations prompt us to reflect on the vulnerability of ecosystems engaging with ecological urgencies in natural and digital worlds, underlining the materialisation of the Anthropocene and the role of textiles in contemporary times.

 Native from Switzerland, Ryth Kesselring lives and works in Ste-Christine in Montérégie. Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (BFA) with Great Distinction from Concordia University, she is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree (MFA) in Fibres and Material Practices (also at Concordia).

 This exhibition is the outcome of her receiving the Yvonne L. Bombardier 2022-2023 Graduate Scholarship in Visual Arts. Kesselring has received a number of scholarships, awards and grants, and has exhibited her work in Canada, Mexico, Iceland, Switzerland and Spain. In addition to leading creative workshops in schools and teaching visual arts, Kesselring participates regularly in artistic events.


The exhibition Fil de trame brings together the work of artists Luc Pallegoix and Ryth Kesselring. They both hail from Europe but now live and work in Quebec. Pallegoix embroiders on wood with Phentex – a synthetic yarn widely used in traditional Quebec handicrafts. Kesselring weaves natural threads with her loom, integrating them into her art installations with fibres from plants that grow in Quebec (such as flax and milkweed).

 Pallegoix’s threads are interlaced around plywood panels with decorative features inspired by classical and neoclassical architecture. Kesselring combines her textile installations with sound.  

 On a loom, in order to create a piece of fabric, the weft (horizontal) threads are woven across the warp (vertical) threads. Metaphorically speaking, these two artists have interwoven the cultures of their home country with that of their adopted country, combining the techniques of the past with those of the present – resulting in unmistakably modern works.

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