Muriel Faille
Dans la naissance des choses
Du 14 juin au 6 septembre 2010
Muriel Faille
Dans la naissance des choses

june 14 to September 6, 2010
Dans la naissance des choses (roughly translated as « The birth of things ») is a series of abstract works embracing a variety of disciplines – from engravings to paintings – in which black and white predominates, revealing deep insights about the cycles of life, its origins and its raison d’être.
A long, creative journey…
An artist, engraver and publisher from Lac Brome, Muriel Faille started painting when she was only 14. In 1975, she met Pierre Ouvrard, a master bookbinder and in 1983, opened Kimanie, her publishing house. She published numerous art books that are now part of the collection of the National Library of Quebec and of Canada. In 1988, Muriel earned a bachelor’s degree in the plastic arts and two years later, a certificate in printing from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). She received First Prize at the Iberville Symposium in 2001, the Thomas More Institute Prize in 2005 and was selected for the International Symposium of Miniature Art Biennial of Ville-Marie, by France’s Montélimar Museum in 2006. Since 2003, she has organized an artistic event – Champs de Mauve (« Purple Fields ») – in the Eastern Townships. Purple Fields brings together painters and invited speakers who share their experiences in their respective disciplines. For 30 years, Muriel Faille has participated in a number of leading solo and group exhibitions in Quebec, the United States and Europe.
Fascinated by life and by spirituality
The artist takes a reasoned, measured approach to her work. The principal mediums used in expressing her art – colored crayons, oils and engravings – allows the artist the freedom to explore a wide variety of options. She reflects intensely on the need to go deeper in order to interpret what is normally inaccessible and that is manifested in her abstract work, dominated by darkness and light. The artist’s work is an interior quest that gives birth to shapes, colors and perpetual movement. Nature, in which everything springs to life, is her principal source of inspiration. The cycles of life and spirituality fascinate the artist – themes that are very evident in this exhibition.

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