From February 26 to April 11, 2021

Inflexions, Marie-Josée LaframboiseFrom February 26 to April 11, 2021

In her sculptural approach, the Montreal artist Marie-Josée Laframboise, explores the concept of “networks” in all their guises. She is fascinated by the many interrelational webs that weave the world together, inviting the viewer to look at them from a different angle, through her in situ installations.

Inflexions IV is part of this current exhibition. It’s a soaring, playful, dynamic work of art that dominates its surrounding space – a representation of how different systems can combine and intertwine. Similar in appearance to a three-dimensional drawing that takes shape before our very eyes, this immersive installation comprises pieces of plastic hoops skillfully linked by Laframboise. In addition to this dynamic corpus, there are a series of four photographic montages entitled Combinaisons aléatoires (Random combinations). In this series also, the subject is coloured tubes. Crowning the Inflexions projects is Le Gymnase Dessin 4 (The Gymnasium Drawing 4) highlighting the lines that mapped out one of the most iconic settings from our schooldays.

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