From May 5 to August 18, 2019
Voyages immobiles
Francine Potvin - Voyages immobilesMay 5 to August 18, 2019 Following my heart and what my eyes tell me, I wander through the world of plants and human beings. Through Voyages immobiles, multidisciplinary artist Francine Potvin is exhibiting several new works inspired by nature and wild flora. Unusual ceramics, black and white linocuts of little land animals, collagraphs based on plant seeds and cyanotypes (photographic blueprints) combine, to create a vibrant, poetic body of work. The show also includes a series of ink spot pictures – images that invite the viewer to give their imagination free rein as they try to interpret what they might mean! The entire exhibition is themed around the idea of the balance and interrelationship between all forms of living things. Voyages immobiles reveals as much about the landscape as it does about the people who live in it, like Francine Potvin.

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