Francesca Penserini
From January 26 to November 11, 2020
Le cycle de la vie

January 26 to November 11, 2020

Le cycle de la vie of Francesca Penserini

Through a blend of the intuitive and the rational, materiality and illusion, manifested in a marriage of sculpture and drawing, the multidisciplinary artist Francesca Penserini, who is of Italian origin, offers the viewer a fascinating foray into her creative universe, as she explores the notion that everything is temporary.

The surfaces of her installations – plaster modeling, sculptures in wood, and charcoal and chalk drawings – clearly show traces of whatever tool she has used to create the work. Intimately linked to nature, Penserini’s art questions and examines the ephemeral, the cycle of life and the passage of time, and looks at how they leave an erosive imprint on both individuals and inanimate objects.

© Claudine Chaussé, photographe

Interviews between Sylvain Dodier and Francesca Penserini

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