From May 5 to August 18, 2019
Voyages immobiles

Diane Ferland - Voyages immobilesMay 5 to August 18, 2019

Human beings increase their understanding when they stop navel-gazing

In the exhibition Voyages immobiles, Diane Ferland, the Eastern Townships glass artist, offers a veritable incursion into her coloured glass creations, some of which are adorned with lace, feathers or greenery. The artist invites viewers to reflect on our notion of what constitutes a point of view, whether that be how to approach a certain situation, decode a message or interpret a work of art. Those are unique to each individual and varies according to their own beliefs and life experiences. And speaking of different ways to approach something, this glass artist and educator skillfully combines traditional techniques with innovative ones, giving birth to a dizzying kaleidoscope of shapes, colours and light. Aerial works, illuminated works and half-hidden works all combine to create a diverse, breathtaking show that will truly amaze you!

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