The colorful imagination of Castonguay
May 15 mai to November 27, 2011
The colorful imagination of Castonguay - Retrospective

May 15 mai to November 27, 2011

The fantastic universe of artist Gérard Castonguay is the subject of an exhibition scheduled to run during the coming season at Valcourt’s Yvonne L. Bombardier’s Cultural Centre. Gastonguay’s predominant subject matter is comprised of people that work the land who bloom into bubbles and larger-than-life characters, standing in front of skinny, misshapen houses. L’imaginaire coloré de Castonguay (The colorful imagination of Castonguay), a retrospective composed of 100 paintings, is an invitation to be swept into a world that is halfway between the figurative and the surreal. The exhibition, which runs from May 15-November 27, 2011 is guaranteed to transport visitors into the artist’s unique universe!

Paring down to the essentials
The artist graduated from the École du meuble, a school of furniture and cabinetmaking in Montreal, then continued his training at the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts where he majored in painting and graphic design. A multidisplinary artist, designer, graphic designer, illustrator and painter, his professional journey evolved within a somewhat rigid and highly disciplined framework. His early work reflects some of the elements of fantasy that now characterize his paintings, but his professional training is evident in the meticulous way that he executes the smallest details.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, the artist, encouraged by his wife, has devoted himself full time to his art. His style was already popular, but Castonguay continued his artistic research, which resulted in him adopting a new, more free and expressive style. His lines have become more concise and his work, more abstract. The two worlds come together in L’imaginaire coloré de Castonguay (The colorful imagination of Castonguay).

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