From September 19 to December 12, 2021

Arianne Célment

From September 19 to December 12, 2021

In the course of her many trips to foreign lands, Arianne Clément has developed a style that is part photographic art and part documentary. Her preferred subjects remain the same – i.e. the forgotten, the excluded, the marginal. By shooting in black and white, she creates striking, textured images that depict the contrasts between dark and light, the past and the present, the appealing and the off-putting, serenity and suffering and so on….   

The exhibition entitled Transition includes the following series – 100 ans, âge de beauté (100 Years – Age of beauty) ; L’art de vieillir (The Art of Aging) and (a first!) L’art de vieillir LGBTQ (The Art of Aging – LGBTQ). A true celebration of the aging process, Clément’s portraits illustrate how how sensuality and sexuality are too often discounted in the elderly, showing  how people can enjoy a certain degree of peace and serenity as they age.  

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