From September 19 to December 12, 2021

Amélie PomerleauFrom September 19 to December 12, 2021

Recipient of a grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) for her project Territoires féminins (Feminine Territories), Amélie Pomerleau is interested in the idea of a carapace, a protective shell, the sacred place of the feminine and scars from trauma – i.e. the vestiges left behind. As part of the Transition exhibition, Pomerleau explores what we carry within our bodies – that which is often hidden and can affect us, right down to the level of our cells.

Using a feminist approach, the artist creates ceramic sculptures – veritable protective ‘shells’ that speak of the passage of time on the human experience and the traces left behind from trauma. Through the visual arts (primarily sculpture), Pomerleau evokes the subtle, even elusive, contradicting elements that permeate human existence.  

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