Yvonne L. Bombardier Library is a member of the Réseau BIBLIO de l’Estrie which offers a number of online resources.

In order to access them, you must be a Yvonne L. Bombardier Library subscriber. You have to identify yourself with your subscriber number and then your PIN number.


You can borrow a maximum of 3 e-books at the same time, for a period of up to 21 days. After that deadline, an e-book expires automatically – in other words, is no longer accessible – so another subscriber can borrow it.

You can sign off on the loan of an e-book at any time, within the 21-day deadline.

At present, the borrowing time for e-books cannot be extended.
You can reserve up to 3 e-books. An email will notify you when a digital book becomes available. E-books have to be downloaded within 3 days.

The steps for downloading a book on your digital device (e-reader, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, smartphone, can be found here.

A subscriber can borrow an e-book independently, without going through a librarian.

There are no late fines for e-books.

Other online services are available through the Réseau BIBLIO network:

  • Access to thousands more books through the interlibrary loan service. You can link to it directly, online.
  • Borrow digital publications from a selection of over 70 titles.
  • Use the data bases of ( and Généalogie Québec (Genealogy Quebec).

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