Loan of documents

In order to borrow documents, you must be a subscriber.

Borrowing terms

Number of documentsLength of loan

10 documents (in total)
per subscriber

Maximum of 4 CDs, 2 DVDs
and 1 game

3 weeks – for all the documents

Reserving documents

You can make 4 reservations at a time.

To request a document, consult the online catalogue, go to the circulation desk or phone the Library at 450 532-2250.

You will be notified by phone when the document is available. After the call, you will have a week to pick it up. If you reserve a Library document online, you must also pick it up within a week.

Renewing a loan

You can renew the loan of a document (up to a maximum of 4 times), provided no other subscriber has reserved it.

The loan can be renewed online, by going to the circulation desk or by phoning the Library at 450 532-2250.

Returning documents

Documents can be returned directly to the circulation counter, during the Library’s opening hours. Outside those hours, there is a drop box to the left entrance of the Cultural Centre. We recommend that you carry the books in a bag in order to protect them.

Late returns

The fine for the late return of a document is 0.20¢ per day (maximum of $5 per document). Borrowing privileges will be suspended for anyone who accumulates more than $10 in late fines.

Any subscriber who accumulates more than $5 in late fines will be notified by phone.

A late return notice is sent to anyone who fails to return Library documents within the specified time.
If a subscriber does not rectify the situation after receiving a phone call and a late return notice, the Library will bill for the amount of the borrowed documents.


If a document is damaged, the subscriber has to pay for its repair or replacement.

The cost of lost documents will be charged to the user at the current price.

In the case of a game, the cost of replacing it will be levied on the subscriber if pieces are missing or if the game is unusable.

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