Games, movies and series
Board games

Did you know that the Library has more than 250 games of all kinds that you can borrow for free?

Our selection of classic board games and new genres has fun options for families and adults alike. You’ll find games for one player, two players, four players and more. Feeling nostalgic? We have Monopoly, Labyrinth and Cranium. Kids can access the children’s version of some of the classic board games. Want to try a cooperative game? Check out Unlock, Chronicles of Crime, or Mysterium. We have new games in a variety of styles: speed and observation games, trivia and quiz games, letters and word games, strategy games, and general party games.

Parents and toddlers can have fun with educational games that foster child development. The Library has a number of games produced by Placote, a Quebec company specializing in educational games that promote parent-child interaction. Puzzles, building blocks and memory games are also part of our collection.

Movies and series

Borrow a movie or series from the Library’s collection of more than 600 DVDs! Revisit a Walt Disney classic or an Oscar-winning film. Binge-watch a series, lighten the mood with a comedy, or wind down with a relaxation session.


Borrowing is free for all Library members!

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