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In order to subscribe you need to show a piece of photo ID (health insurance card or driver’s licence).

Membership of the Library is free for residents of Valcourt but in order to subscribe (or renew a subscription) you need to show proof of residency (e.g. a driver’s license, local tax bill or a recent Hydro-Québec bill).

PublicAnnual fee


Access to the collections and youth activities


Adults (12 years and up)

Access to all the collections and services



(People living at the same address)

One card per person


Residents of Valcourt



Organizations (including daycare educators and teachers) are eligible for a special subscription rate of $25. That allows them to borrow a greater number of books than individual members and to get expert advice on what to borrow. Check at the Library or contact us

Membership Card

The Yvonne L. Bombardier Library remains the owner of the membership card. It can be used only by the person to whom it is issued and is non-transferable.

A $3 replacement fee is levied on the holder if the card is lost, damaged or stolen.

Responsibilities of the subscriber

Subscribers to the Library must:

  • Take care of all the documents that belong to the Library, no matter who borrows or uses them.
  • Make sure they are in good condition when they are returned and mention any breakages or missing parts that may have occurred when in the subscriber’s possession.
  • Refrain from reproducing or copying a book, CD or DVD belonging to the Library, which may be protected by the Copyright Act.

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